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                     Puppy Package
Here at Down Town Dachshunds we want to make sure we find the best homes for our puppies we also want to send them home with things that can get them started in there new life. We take what we do really seriously so we want nothing but the best for our fur babies.
We send our Puppies with a puppy care package which consists of:
Puppy Food Sample  
Food Bowl
Food Container
Dog Toys 
Copy of Our Contract and Receipt
Take Home Instructions Booklet
House Breaking / Training Tips Booklet
All Shots and De-Worming Records
Health Certificate & Health Guarantee
Bordetella Kennel Cough- Additional Fee
Hand Made Blanket (smells like mom and siblings)
Unlimited Communication 

Extra Services that we offer
Door to Door Delivery of your puppy- Contact for Pricing info! 

Traveling Puppy Nanny Service- Contact for Pricing info! 

BONEROW 1375718 std

Puppy Packs:

DTD Puppy Pack


Food We recommend:

Here is the food you should buy before bringing puppy home! The picture says Juniorbut it can also say Puppy/Chiot.  So if your at the store looking for this exact bag remember either one is fine.

Royal Canin Puppy Food

Food the puppies eat now:

Here is the food the puppies currently eat now but we recommend the above food for when they go to their new homes.

Food that our adults eat:

This is what we feed our Adults.